17 October 2011


Twitter has stolen my attention away from this blog. Used to be when I had a thought, I would mull it over until it became a series of coherent thoughts loosely related to one another. These would then become a blog post. Now I have a thought and I tweet it. Nothing is contemplated. Nothing is remembered. Nothing has weight.

Which means I can fly higher! WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!

And yet, I would like this blog to have timely information on whatever the hell it is I am or have been doing. And so this post. Here's what's gone down since June:

I co-wrote the screenplay for The Girl with Blue Eyes, a short film produced by UnSafe Film Office for the Project Twenty1 film competition. My co-writer (and the film's overall visionary and madman), Anthony E. Griffin, tied for a well-deserved Best Directing award at the competition. The film also tied for the Audience Award in its screening block, and received nominations for Best Sound Design, Best Editing, and Best Film. A slightly longer version will premiere at the Thriller! Chiller! Film Festival next week. More to come!

To promote the project, Griffin appeared on the first episode of Lorin Kozlowski's new podcast, "Lorin Has Friends." Being Lorin's best friend (and the best man at his wedding), I also recorded one with him, Episode 3, in which I talk more about The Girl with Blue Eyes, Lucky, and other projects, as well as whatever random crap floated into our minds.

My Hard Boiled Productions' partner-in-crime, Chris Kapcia, put together his acting reel, which is a damn fine entry into the genre. More pertinent to this blog post, it also features footage from both past and future projects of ours:

One of those projects is Hard Hounds, an on-going series of short shorts we created with Nick Martorelli of Radio Hound Productions. Nick suggested we actually start making all of those one-joke film ideas we larf about when we're bullshitting, and so we shot a bunch in one day and have so far released three. I like to describe them as "aggressively stupid."

And finally, Lucky, the feature film I appear in and helped conceive and produce, continues to bring home the awards cheddar: 1st Place Drama/Comedy at The Indie Gathering, a Film Editing Award at the Colorado Film Festival, Best Supporting Actress at the Detroit Independent Film Festival, Best Soundtrack at the Maverick Movie Awards, and an Award of Merit at the Accolade Competition.

That's it for now, folks. Lots of other stuff is currently brewing, and I will try to be better at updating my legions of dedicated fans and readers. But I promise NOTHING.

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