31 May 2011

PSA for the MPress

Our friends at MPress Records recently asked Hard Boiled Productions to put together a PSA for their latest release, a charity compilation album that benefits the National Network for Youth. This is what we came up with. Please take a moment to watch it and, if so inspired, buy a copy of the CD.

Truth be told, Chris did most of the work on this one. He handled the camera and got the interviewees talking while I held the reflector or boom mike and nursed the cold I was suffering through. The only shot I can take credit for is the brief insert of the doorway with the phone book. (Of course, we had a lot more shots that didn't survive the editing process. Maybe we can repurpose those into a Malick-like montage we'll never get around to completing.)

Once it came time to edit, Chris had control of that too. Our first cut was a bit more experimental, but after the decision to focus more on the musicians' personal observations, it came together surprisingly quickly. We were familiar enough with the footage, and Chris has such an ear for the soundbites, that we didn't even really need to discuss (and/or argue) what to use and where. We're happy with the results, and we hope you are too.

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