10 November 2010

"Time In"

Here, for your viewing enjoyment, is the latest film from Hard Boiled Productions, Time In:

We were very proud to have Time In premiere last Saturday as part of the Short Film Program at the Riverside Saginaw Film Festival in Michigan. We shot it back in April and completed the post-production phase around August, taking our sweet ol' time to ensure that everything was in tip top shape and we had the finest in fine music from our great friend, Mr. Rob Mosher. I would also like to publicly thank (and shame) the always insightful Mr. Anthony E. Griffin, who had suggestions on a couple of edits that made the film immeasurably better.

A massive, important part of Time In's production process was the patience, support, and hard work of many talented people. My humblest thanks goes out to everyone who generously donated their time and energy to bringing this film to life. If it is any good at all (and I believe it is), it is due entirely to you. I hope you enjoy it.

Like all people, I have no idea where the hell my ideas come from, and don't really want to know. But sometimes I can track their starting point, that one thing that made my brain hum slightly differently so that it produced a thought or image or sentence that eventually became AN IDEA. In this case, it was my friends Lorin and Rachel, and that's why they're thanked in the credits. In case you were wondering (and I know you were), here's what did it:

Whenever I am single (frequently), Lorin and Rachel - who live in a different state than I, with their acquaintances scattered across these United States - have a tendency to make a certain remark about single friends of theirs if they happen to come up in conversation. This remark is usually along the lines of "Oh, you'd like her, you guys would be great together, but it's too bad you live in New York and she lives in [not New York]." It always makes me imagine what a long distance relationship would be like; perhaps unsurprisingly, I never picture it ending well. At some point, I was thinking about this habit of theirs, which sparked my Imaginarium, which jump started a "Hey, what if . . . ", which eventually led to Time In.

Sometimes it's the little things . . .

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