06 October 2010

Project Twenty1: The Aftermath

First, the bad news: No, we did not win any awards at this year's Project Twenty1. The good news: That doesn't matter, because we had a hell of a good time seeing great movies and hanging out with great friends. The BEST news? You can now see our non-award-winning-but-still-wonderful-film-if-I-do-say-so-myself, Patient Zero:

Watch it multiple times! Appreciate new aspects with each viewing! AWE! to the riveting performances! GASP! to the crackling writing! THRILL! to the swift editing! ZAZZLE! to the intricate sound design! GAJOINK! to the keen direction! Then tell the world about how much you love it! Share it with friends and family! Shove it in their faces! Make them see it for the brilliance it is! AWAKE THEM TO THEIR IGNORANCE!

You know...if you like it. And I hope you do.

My hats go off to all of my fellow competitors. This was the strongest year yet for Project Twenty1, with a crop of fantastic flicks that will really inspire me to BRING IT in everything I do, competition-related and otherwise. Also, I'm now famous thanks to a local news broadcast featuring me in the background for approximately two seconds. Watch it and play "Where's Justin?":

Of course, now that I am, in fact, famous, please be careful how you approach me if we should ever meet in person. Do not look me directly in the eyes unless I say it is okay (I will never say this). Do not ask for an autograph without first offering money, goods, or services. Laugh at all of my jokes; if you are unsure if it is a joke, laugh just in case, and then quietly excuse yourself from the conversation. Be prepared to fetch items and serve as a chauffeur. If you feel these rules do not apply to you because you have also briefly been in the background of a local news broadcast, please provide evidence of such. NO OTHER EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.

Though the competition is officially over for this year, the competition that is Our Lives continues, which means I'll have some new projects and updates to share with you later this month. Once again, I recommend staying at your computer and constantly hitting refresh on this page.

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