03 November 2009

TUMBLER: the echo

The sister film to TUMBLER: the boom is now online. I can't find any words better than those Anthony Griffin composed to explain what we were going for, so you'll find his synopsis below the film and another embedded copy of the boom further down.

TUMBLER: the echo from AEG on Vimeo.

Facing a crisis of conscience after scamming people in New York City with his friend Spencer, Wayne returns home to Chicago in an effort to reconcile what he's done with his life to his ex-girlfriend, Michelle.

This film was made as part of Project Twenty1, a filmmaking contest where teams are given three weeks to complete a film based on a common element. This year's element was "key" and Team with No Name (aka UFO) partnered with another team based in New York City, Hard Boiled Productions, to craft a unique story arc that used the theme as a way to understand the characters and situations as a whole shared in both short films. Of course you can also watch the films independent of each other but what fun would that be, right?

Team Hard Boiled's film, TUMBLER: the boom, won the prize for Best Writing while TUMBLER: the echo won for Best Music.

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