08 October 2009

Watch Me On YouTube!

Justice Productions, the team behind the Project Twenty1 Audience Award and Best Marketing Award-winning film The Journal's Paragon, created podcasts throughout the entire production process to give viewers an inside look at the world of low budget filmmaking. They carried on this tradition throughout the festival weekend, and were kind enough to interview the TUMBLER teams during Saturday night's Shorts & Shots event. You can watch the entire podcast below, but if you're lazy and want to skip straight to us, then you should fast forward it to the 6:20 mark. But really, you should watch the whole thing.

It must be said that the Justice Productions team were the most spirited, positive, and all-around good natured group I've yet encountered in my Project Twenty1 experiences. They wholeheartedly supported their colleagues and the other films playing at the festival; I don't think they missed a showing, and if they did, it was because they were attending a workshop. They put us to shame with their enthusiasm, and I hope they continue to make great films in the near and far future.

Thanks for your support, guys. I hope we can return the favor soon.

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