30 September 2009

Hear My Voice!

For the past couple of weeks, we've been gearing up for the endlessly mentioned and plugged Project Twenty1 Film Festival, which is finally and excitedly taking place this very weekend. If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, then you are a lame, lame loser who has nothing better to do than slothfully meander through the Internet as your eyes dissolve from screen erosion.
Me too.
But in an effort to get more people off their ass and talking about us, Chris and I subjected ourselves to an interview from the brilliant minds behind The Reel Skinny, a movie review website that you should immediately bookmark and subscribe to, right now. To listen to the podcast and hear me curse (but not too badly - it's PG level blueness), click here.
In other news, the good folks at Project Twenty1 have released the 2009 edition of their film competition screening promotional trailer thingie-majig. It's embedded below. I probably won't update the blog again until after the festival (sorry all two of my followers), but when I do, I hope to have some choice pictures to put up. Last time, I forced myself to take only black and white photos, and am planning to do so once again. If any are mind-blowing enough, I'll slap them up here.
See you in Philly!

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